Jeroen De Rijk

Lead or backing percussionist

35 years of experience in multi style percussion for every thinkable musical situation.

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Percussion Today Home Studio

Protools-based ‘custom live recorded' studio percussion tracks directly from me to you!

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Baileo Music Productions

Producing, composing, arranging, recording and booking live music.

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Visiting Nestlé's 'Le Nest' museum in Vevey

This July I was in Switzerland to visit the brand new 'Le Nest' museum with Ivo Witteveen.
'Le Nest' is a museum build on the birth ground of Nestlé in Vevey to commemorate the companies 150th anniversary.
Ivo composed most of the music that can be heard in 'the experience' part of the museum.
Here you are guided through past, present and future of this giant international company and it's challenges.
Last year I played just about all of the percussive grooves and sound effects that are part of the music in Ivo's studio in Amsterdam.
Obviously it was interesting to hear our work on 'the crime scene' itself.
And obviously it was good to pay a quick visit - just around the corner - to the Montreux Jazz Festival too!
(And the Patek Philippe museum Genéve.....)

Mezzoforte's Johann Asmundsson solo CD 2016

Recently I recorded a bunch of tracks in my 'Percussion Today Home Studio' for Mezzoforte's own 'bad boy bass player' Johann Asmundsson's 2016 solo CD 'Floating'.
It is available in the iTunes Store now!

After having played hundreds of shows with Icelandic, and one of Europe's, most famous Jazz Funk Fusion band Mezzoforte in the eighties of the last century, it was an absolute pleasure to 'beautify' Joi's most recent music with my groovy and spherical 'rumble from the jungle'.

Percussion Loops HD is a vast library with hundreds of percussion loops and samples, played by a pro player and purpose built for iOS! Use them with your daw - a.o. Garageband, Auria, Cubasis, Multitrack Daw - (plus AUDIOBUS SUPPORT) or let them loop within the app itself. Nothing is programmed or synthesized, but played live by me.