Jeroen De Rijk

Lead or backing percussionist

35 years of experience in multi style percussion for every thinkable musical situation.

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Percussion Today Home Studio

Your music gets 'beautified' with custom recorded exclusive studio percussion.
I recently recorded for Bruno Mars vs David Guetta - 'Versace On The Floor'.

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Baileo Music Productions

'We bring people together' through producing/booking music for live events and recordings.

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Bruno Mars vs David Guetta - Versace On The Floor

I am thrilled to have recorded for Bruno Mars in my homestudio through internationally acclaimed songwriter, producer and pianist Giorgio Tuinfort.
After recording sessions for Giorgio for the likes of Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Mr. Probz, Lange Frans and Suzanna Lubrano this is a new highlight in my recording career.
This version of 'Versace On The Floor' is a collaboration with David Guetta.
For me it is extra 'cool' to have recorded these percussion tracks in my 'Percussion Today Home Studio'.

Bruno Mars vs David Guetta - Versace On The Floor

Lina and N.E.W.S.

In the last couple of years I have worked on a 'Percussive Act'.
N.E.W.S. - 'North-East-West-South' - embodies drumming from all corners of the world.
Thank all of you who helped us out to bring this theatre act to the next level.

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Percussion Loops HD is a vast library with hundreds of percussion loops and samples, played by a pro player and purpose built for iOS! Use them with your daw - a.o. Garageband, Auria, Cubasis, Multitrack Daw - (plus AUDIOBUS SUPPORT) or let them loop within the app itself. Nothing is programmed or synthesized, but played live by me.